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Dear All,

Please see below my notes from the players meeting:

Location: Kew CC Pavilion
Start: 7:30

Club accounts

Accounts were presented by Raj Patel. The accounts were proposed by Peter Berg and successfully passed.

Club Spruce Up

Andy Croft gave a rundown of tasks for completion on club spruce up day.

Pre-Season Fixtures

Ricky ran through the list of pre-season fixtures and agreed to notify members of upcoming fixtures via Teamapp and via the website.

Selection & Availability (Teamapp)

Ricky confirmed that Andy Lewin has been appointed as 2nd team captain for the season. Ricky relayed the captains’ request that in light of some confusion last season, Teamapp should be the primary source of tracking player availability for Kew CC. Captains will also request availabilities at the end of matches too but players are responsible for ensuring their availabilities are recorded on Teamapp also. The club is also embarking on a social media marketing campaign headed by Andy Lewin.

Chairman of Selectors

Ricky confirmed that Immi has stepped down as Chairman of Selectors and that the Senior Cricket Committee is now open to receiving expressions of interest from members interested in taking on the role. An announcement has been made regarding this on Teamapp (members should contact Ricky via email – This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

New league rules for 1st XI

Raj ran members through the changes to the ECB rules. These new rules essentially give umpires greater powers to punish players and/or teams for their actions on the pitch/during matches. Raj will provide a pocket guide to these new rules and Kew CC will put a PDF of the new rules on Teamapp and website for players to review.

New league rules for 2nd, 3rd & 4th XIs

Raj confirmed that numerous new rules were passed for the new 2018 season. These include 40/40overs win/lose cricket for the 4th team. Raj confirmed that the 2s ad 3s will be playing “split format” including 9 games of 45/45 overs win/lose cricket and 9 “traditional format” matches.

1st XI

Lewis Abbott confirmed that in light of the difficulty bringing in a dedicated club pro for the season, the first XI will continue to implement the incentives scheme from last year. There is ongoing discussion with one candidate to become a paid player but this would run alongside the incentives scheme.

Colts Update

Peter confirmed that the winter nets were successful and that junior memberships are projected to increase from last year. The club has launched a just giving page to raise money for new coaching equipment. Members can access the JustGiving page here:


Kew CC extended thanks to Chris Levick for his work on refurbishing the showers. Kew CC would like to request if members feel they have as little as 30 minutes to help in the administration, promotion or communication to the club should contact Ricky – This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. – all help would be greatly appreciated.

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