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 Sush Nepal


More congratulations must go to Kew Legend Sushobhan “Sushi” Manandhar and the Great Himalaya Cricket Academy (GHCA). They are re-born despite the horrific events in Nepal in 2015. Thanks to the generosity of its members and friends, Kew CC was able to purchase cricket equipment and sponsor a number of players, without which they may have had to give up playing entirely. The Nepaleezer Geezer told us how the money was spent ....


"After careful research of schools in the city, I came across a school named Koseli, a full charity-based school which provided slum kids education, food, showers, clothing, free of cost from Kindergarten to Grade 6. The school also took in about 20 kids from a place called Sindhupalchowk, one of the most remote and worst hit villages from the earthquake. The school had a total of 120 kids and after consulting with the school, they said they were in need of stationary stuff and sports equipments. So, I bought 1000 notebooks, 45 school bags, 240 pencils, 240 erasers,100 rulers, board games, 2 badminton sets, 2 basketballs and 5 skipping ropes. The stationary stuff donated shouldbe able to last for more than a year. This part of charity was done in co-ordination with couple of my friends. The total cost of the charity was Rs 45,000/- (c. £330) .Money from Kew CC used was Rs 17,000/- (c. £125). 
So, after helping the school I had Rs 90,000/- left . I added Rs 10,000/- myself and made it Rs 1,00,000/-. This money will be used to sponsor 7 kids under the age of 16 to play in a cricket academy called Great Himalayan Cricket Academy in Kathmandu. Out of 7 kids, 3 have lost homes due to the quake and the rest can't afford to play due to their weak financial condition as well. According to the Academy, all these kids have the potential to play at a higher level if they continue to play. In addition to the sponsorship, the remaining money will be used to buy them cricket kits too. They have asked me to help with coaching under 13s  as I used to with Kew CC and if possible a sort of affiliation with Kew CC in the future to organize tours etc."
 We have also received a report from the GHCA. Please click here to read.
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